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Marine Works

Transportation often begins with the arrival of passengers and the delivery of goods at a sea port. The increased demand for specialist berthing facilities has provided mbpc with appointments to build or refurbish port facilities.

mbpc has provided services connected with marine, coastal and estuarial construction in the UK and overseas covering:-

  • Coastal and estuarial defences
  • Dredging and land reclamation
  • Harbour and berth works
  • Bridges and jetties

For advice on all or any one of these issues, please contact, David.byng david.byngmichaelbyng.com

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Other sectors


Heavy Railways

mbpc has been involved in major railway projects and the maintenance of mainline networks for over 20 years.


Metro & Tramway Systems

Providing service purchasers and suppliers of urban rail transport systems, be they subway systems or surface tramway (metro) projects.



mbpc has provided services connected with highway construction, from street and pavement lighting trough to traffic intersections and bridges.

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