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Dispute Resolution

The best laid plans……………………..!!

In the modern construction industry with pressures of time and cost, often interpretations of contractual obligations differ. These differences are often solved by conciliation and mediation, services which mbpc offers its clients.

Where differences are extenuated and become polarized they require more formal procedures to reach resolution. Adjudication or arbitration may be the only solution.

In either case, mbpc can offer dispute resolution support to clients and their legal advisors, providing valuations and reports on construction works as well as offering expert witness services.

For suppliers seeking to recover costs or damages arising from breach of contract, mbpc can offer advice on onerous contract conditions, ambiguities in contract documents in respect of all contractual relations within the supply chain.

Working with the project delivery team and providing independent advice, mbpc can help.

For further advice, contact David Byng david.byng@michaelbyng.com

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Cost Management

Using its integrated, progressive measurement and valuation techniques, mbpc offers cost management advice at all stages of the project life cycle.


Project Control

Providing commercial management services by valuing the effect of changes as well as agreeing final accounts for completed projects.


Fund Monitoring

Offering advice on the scope of the construction project proposal before financial commitment is made.

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